Monday, 23 June 2014

Experience of Trainee at Sparrow Software

Neepa, Kruti and Dipali says...

" In last week we started learning android application. Before that we didn’t know anything about Android so we learned android from net and using some eBooks.
During learning stage, we started developing small basics like how to add controls, how to print message and give notification, which layout use for which purpose and many other components.
During those stage we faced many problem like grid layout is not supported in some android version. We cannot use other language which is used in windows phone...
So many things we have learnt, now we are developing an application which is useful in learning purpose.
Experience of learning android application is very creative and interesting. It is very useful and motivates me to learn more things about android."


Vivek, Kasim and Mahendra Says...

" When we joined Sparrow Software for project training we were totally gone blank about project.
At that time we wanted to develop project on Android but Ashvin sir had assign Windows phone game project. That was totally new for us. Then we tried to solve basic things about windows & learnt something new. The environment of the Sparrow Software is good & we are really pleasure to all staff member of Sparrow Software for support us in our project. Ashvin sir is always ready to solve our problems. In short, the experience of Sparrow Software is awesome because many things we had learnt which will really helpful in near future. "

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